Level up your real estate agent success by joining, learning from, and taking action with an exclusive and highly curated group of verified top producing active agents who have absolutely no competitive geographic overlap with your business.

Our strict application process guarantees you will surround yourself with proven top performers committed to leveling up both their performance and yours. You know other agents are crushing it in their market using their own growth strategies, unlock your exclusive access!
You’ll join a group of top producing peers active in other markets and learn the growth strategies they’re using today to crush it and given step-by-step playbooks you or someone from your team can immediately implement. No “real estate coaches” trying to sell you courses here!

You well know real estate is a zero-sum geographic game, we mandate and actively monitor member geographic exclusivity to ensure no overlap in business so members can share trade secrets and be confident they won’t be stolen by real estate agents competing for the very same business.



While you’re crushing it, let’s be honest, there’s constant pressure to level up and continue to expand your real estate business. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. Agent Next Level puts you in the same room with a highly curated group of active top producing real estate agent peers who work in different markets, facilitates in-depth strategy sharing that will take the pressure off you to always come up with “what’s next”, and hands you the step-by-step playbook you can immediately implement on your own or hand off to someone on your team to take action for you before you’re fed yet another proven growth strategy.

How It Works

access New real estate Agent Growth Strategies Every Month

Each month, Agent Next Level assists a member in walking the group through a strategy they recently implemented to grow their real estate business, a behind the scenes look at the actual results and return on investment, and the high-level implementation process to make it happen.

precise execution guides & clear proven results

Agent Next Level creates a detailed step-by-step playbook action execution guide of the member’s growth strategy. After each session, you’re handed the execution guide so you (or a member of your team) can implement the new strategy in your specific market. You’re instantly a rainmaker, constantly fed new proven strategies and done-for-you execution guides that take the guesswork out of what to do, how to take action, and what results to expect.

collaborate with active top producing real estate agents in other markets without disrupting your local business

Outcompete your local real estate agent competitors by tapping into the secret growth strategies of agents in other national and international markets. Our application and group curation processes ensure transparency in those accessing the exclusive group are who they say they are. Active monitoring of member businesses along with a spirit of integrity from members in their participation help to prevent material overlap and competition across respective local markets served by each member.

josiah perez


“I constantly ask agents on the other side of my deals what they’re doing to create business yet I know I’m not going to get the real deal from someone I compete with in my local market. There’s high trust built-in to this group given members are verified active top producing agents. I don’t trust “coaches” and others selling courses, the amount of money you can make in real estate if you have it down is so high, why did you start selling courses? The growth strategies I know that are out there will no doubt fuel my team’s growth.”


Hi, Darin Thompson here. I’ve been a successful real estate agent and now have the privilege of leading one of the nation’s fastest-growing real estate brokerages, Stuart St James. I’ve seen so many agents want to grow their business yet struggle to practically do so. There is a way to compress time and facilitate agents leveling up, I discovered it while speaking with one of my top producing agents. I have an advocate personality type and genuinely want to help like-minded agents unlock massive life-changing growth, that’s why I’m doing this.